Friday, 13 September 2013

What I Am Coveting This Week

What I Am CovetingThis Week

Hello lovelies!!!

My focus for this week once again seems to be leather, and leopard, oh and fur. I just cant seem to get enough of it and nor do I ever want to!!!

New Look-Trousers
 I finally found (this makes me sound like Ive been hiding under a rock for months) - should I say finally went and looked for, a pair of affordable leather look leggings! As much as I would love to part with £600 for the Maje specials I have my eye on in work, booking a holiday and paying off my overdraft are just not making this a feasible option! The pair I purchased were from H&M and for £14.99 I really couldnt help but skip out of the shop with my little red bag (no but really!). Now my radar is well and truly locked on leather I found the above pair in New Look, part of the Kelly Brook range, for a mere £27.99! I have to admit these were a great imitation leather and they're definitely my next one of many leather investments.

Topshop Fur Gilet 
I've had my eye on this for months and I am one million percent purchasing it for next weekends trip to Vodafones London Fashion Weekend which the boyfriend kindly got me as a birthday gift back in July - I could waffle on about my uncontrollable excitement for this (and how UNexciting Tom is likely to find it) but I'll save that for the post itself where I will provide endless photos of the weekend! But anywho - as I was saying, the colour is incredible and I just have to have this furriness in my life!

I think its safe to say Zara is most likely going to crop up in all of my coveting posts! It would be rude to ever leave it out and so this week I am loving check-and of course leather! For us Manchester folk, the Zara in the city centre has been closed for, in my eyes, far too long now as its being refurbished and although its being incredibly kind to my bank balance, my lack of daily window shops are sending me into a mild state of depression so I popped into the Trafford Centre to get my fix and found these two delectable pieces!

Kurt Geiger-Shoes
I have to have these shoes! What more can I say! I have had my eye on these for a few months and trying them on on my lunch break was most definitely NOT my wisest move!!! At £290 I think I will be staring at them from afar for a while, but as soon as my purse gives up the fight you guys will be the first to know!!

Maybelline - Baby Lips
I am a HUGE Tanya Burr fan!!! Her beauty videos are like a ten minute spurt of rainbows and sunshine! As hippy as that sounded she really is quite possibly the happiest blogger on earth!!! She has been recommending these for a long time now and the next time I am in Boots I am going to purchase and see what all the fuss is about. Theres something about the name of these lip balms which I just love!! Who doesn't want baby smooth lips?! Especially in the upcoming winter months.

Shock Sandro is included here!! I really do apologise if my Sandro incessant posts are too much for you all but working around all the gorgeous things every day make it difficult for me to ignore!! This bag just came in at work and along with the leopard clutch (which I promise to show you all soon!!) I just cant find a single reason why not to get them?

Do you not agree??
Leave your comments below!!

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Kate Lees said...

Oh the Sandro bag is stunning!

2 Selfish said...

I love the black leggings!

Rebecca Jane said...

I love the topshop fur gillet, a staple piece for the autumn / winter wardrobe.


Amy Liddell said...

I've been lusting over that fur gillet for weeks! I need it in my life!


aimerose said...

Baby lips in pink punch is one of my fave lip balms ever<3 It smells heavenly!

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