Sunday, 1 September 2013

Emmaus Vintage Fashion & Jewellery Finds

Emmaus, Vintage Finds,
 Trips to Emmaus seem to have become a tradition whenever I am home since my parents found out about it not too long ago! For those who aren't aware of the charity, Emmaus was founded in Paris in 1949 to combat homelessness and poverty. Since 1971 national charitable organisations were set up representing now; 310 groups in 38 countries, who offer a range of charitable services. This being one of them. All proceeds go to the charity and people can donate from anywhere.
They have everything (as you will see from these photos) from ornate mirrors, beds, childrens toys, clothes, jewellery, pottery, gym equipment....I could go on! But the photos do this place justice. As you may have seen from my previous post, the majority of what you find here is most likely of no relevance to you, however the prices are ridiculously cheap and for every bit of rubbish there are some real hidden gems.
Emmaus, Vintage Interiors,

Emmaus, Interiors,

Emmaus, Fur Coats, Vintage Fashion,
 Endless amounts of fur coats, both real and not! Cant see the french having much use for these at the moment with the weather being so beautiful so I decided my needs were greater than theirs...
Emmaus, Fur Coats,

Emmaus, Mink Stole,
 For those against fur - look away now! I found this incredible mink stole all for the grand sum of 20euros! In England this would have been a ridiculous price and therefore I saw it only right to invest. I am unconvinced by the mink tassels on the bottom, I think its because it reminds me how real the fur is. That being said I still love love love this piece. 

 The jewellery was incredible, this section is never often open so it was a rare treat which I definitely took advantage of. All the necklaces were 1.50euros each - again, BARGAIN & compare this to England it just wouldnt be possible. 


Dress/Zara,Sandals/NewLook, Hat/Vintage

If anyone needs a pair of Noddy childrens knee pads or a riding hat - then Emmaus is the place for you!! In all seriousness this place is amazing, and as you all know I am obsessed with finding unique vintage pieces which I know no one will have and if you know what you're looking for you will definitely find it here!!!
Emmaus is not just in France, however the events over here are supposed to be much better for amazing vintage finds. Considering this was just a 'small' one in Angouleme, I am desperate to visit the ones in Paris, I can only imagine how many amazing finds there would be there. When I go, I'll let you know! :)

Has anyone ever been!? 

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