About Me

Hello beauties!!

I hope you enjoy my personal mood board including all things fashion, travel, interior, beauty and whatever else tickles my fancy! This blog started out as a travel blog, used to document my year abroad living in Vancouver however it seems to have quickly morphed in to a fashion space as I am uncontrollably passionate about fashion and all things style. I find myself continuously searching for new inspirations daily as I think its important to search outside the normal every day life we live in so hopefully this blog will help you do so also. 

I recently graduated from Manchester University and have stepped out in to the big wide world of real life, which although daunting, has so far been far too much fun! Interning, working and figuring out my POA, which unsurprisingly changes daily!

Quotes are my go to pick me up and I believe that whats for you will not pass you by. 
So go with it. 
Life leads you. 
Joie de vivre, always. 

Disclaimer:Apologies to anyone who found this blog with big hopes of edible recipes and drooling imagery of cupcakes. This is not a food blog!!! The name originated from my strawberry blonde locks and an incredibly sweet tooth! Neither of which are related to fashion however the endless style posts make up for it!!
Sweet Tooth, Strawberry Youth!

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