Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mission Accomplished

Zara Quilted High Heel Ankle Boot - £69.99

After deliberating for what felt like forever (I really should stop being so indecisive!!!) I finally found the perfect shoe boot. I had seen these online but never in store and as soon as I laid eyes on them I knew they were the one (quite romantic really!? ha). After painfully waiting for a delayed wage from work I finally felt like I deserved a treat, I can no longer say I missed out on the January sales, I have definitely made up for it and couldn't be happier with everything I bought!! There really is nothing better than a bit of retail therapy! Oh and I also fit some study in in between shopping trips, promise?!

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Perfect Shoe Boot

The Perfect Shoe Boot

No matter how hard I have tried, the perfect shoe boot, for me, seems incredibly hard to find. When I find myself wearing flats I never feel fully dressed and so a shoe boot is perfect for uni days and long shifts in work. Half of these shoes are unfortunately no longer an option as I missed grabbing them in the boxing day sales but I believe the perfect pair are out there somewhere. It doesn't help that I have to see the stunning, amazing, Sandro beauties (top right) in work every single time I'm in. Maybe the temptation will be too much sooner or later and I will have to just give in and purchase. Not all my fault surely?


With snow predicted for next week it got me thinking just how perfect it would be to lock myself away in this heavenly modern glass walled home in Victoria, Australia. The floor to ceiling glass windows give the impression the ice cold snow is within touching distance yet the cosy interior fails to lose its feeling of warmth. Given the miserable exam period right now I would happily disappear here with smores, endless movies and mah babiiiiies!

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