Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pinch Me

I found this shot through a friend the other day and it just makes me want to pinch myself.  It’s awe inspiring and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to call this my home. The fact I can even say that I have seen the city from this exact spot is equally inspiring for me considering I almost died trying to reach it. Gushy I know but this place deserves it and the closer I get to leaving, pictures like this will really have me kicking and screaming to the airport.

Styleby Kling

This girl does nothing wrong in my eyes and neither does this video. Not only is it shot in one of my favourite cities it has some great shots from fashion week. I may not understand a word Elin is saying but fashion speaks its entirely own language, one that everyone can understand.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Wee Day for the Irish

DSC01810 DSC01824 DSC01805 486538_10151410679545508_643755507_23618688_505345016_n
Being blessed with such a fantastic Irish friend (Seb haaaa) it was only right that we celebrated Paddys day in style. An entire weekend dedicated to drinking and general rowdiness could not have been a better way to celebrate a day for the Irish. Did we do you proud Becks?
A beer pong tournament at the Sigma Chi house, played by team Re Rack City couldn’t have gone better…We WON of course……and by won I obviously mean lost, but that's irrelevant and simply down to the fact we were playing against the devil. Right Chels? To drown our sorrows we spent the rest of the day ensuring we had a Growers in one hand and whatever spirit we could find in the other. We aren’t alcoholics, I swear.
Sunday wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the Roxy involving one (or two) too many Roxy shots, country music and the best people. Followed by brunch at Biminis with a carrot and a rabbit in tow. We are all just so normal?! (speak for myself). I know I have an entire post dedicated to just this – but the food in Van is just too good to leave. Bimini’s chicken waffle sandwich may have just topped the Nutella French Toast. I encourage you all to hop across the pond just for the food here, its so so worth it.
I think its safe to say that this weekend was one of my favourite weekends in Van, even if it is soon to be my last :(. The weeks are going by far too fast but it just makes me appreciate the time I have here so much more. Who knows what tomorrow will have in store?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Keep Calm & Carry On

Call me stupid or completely out of date, but I never knew the true history of these posters. They have been altered more times than I could ever count, but the original message is of most importance and I don’t think it should ever be changed. True British history :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

KONY 2012

Just saw this video on Facebook and every one of you needs to watch it. It’s empowering to see how one persons ideas can make such a huge difference in our world if we all just get together.
Find out what’s organised for your city on April 20th & make Kony famous!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

How does a study session turn into one big huge food crave

Oh how I will miss all these delectable Canadian treats. Vancouver is definitely one of the best and hardest places for a true foodie to live. The options are endless, and we all know how bad I am at making decisions when it comes to food… Gives me an excuse to just try it all then…
421274_10150691737705719_512685718_11336589_914505235_n 398542_10150691735895719_512685718_11336585_951827344_n301641_10150385217385719_512685718_10096374_1010392695_n
French toast smothered in Nutella & Banana/ $4.95 Warehouse treats with yam fries of course/ the most amazing onion rings in the world

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vegas…Where do I begin?

DSC01343DSC01424 DSC01403 DSC01453405779_10151332227540508_643755507_23297150_1861133406_n large (2)DSC01560As the title says – where do I really begin? No blog post will do this trip justice. A spring break trip to Vegas involving 15 of the greatest people I have met here just could not have been better…in any way. Vegas itself is just, I actually don’t know how to put it; nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like you have ever seen before. My only way to explain it is that it has no correlation with real life, at all. Which is why you all need to visit for those who haven’t. The laws in Nevada make it basically okay to do absolutely anything you want! There are no rules.  Drink in the streets,shops and restaurants, gamble your entire life savings away in an afternoon, get married in front of a bunch of strangers, get limos to In n Out for a casual lunch time snack, walk around all day carrying a midget doll & get no odd looks (well, maybe a couple), fall asleep on the food court floor, fill your bathtub with alcohol. I could go on, but some things that happen in Vegas need to stay just that, in Vegas. (only joking mum-it was very PG)
The 4 days and 3 nights spent in Vegas involved a lot of sightseeing, 2 trips to the New York New York ride (including a FANASTICALLY hilarious photo), seeing Dirty South play at Tao, a lot of McChicken bites, a lot of limos, and we managed to see Paris, Venice, New York and Rome in under 2 hours. Like I said, its just not real life.
This trip has most definitely been one of the biggest highlights of my entire year and I was so lucky to have shared it with the people I did – so for those of you – you know who you are – THANKYOUUUU! I am still determined to make it a yearly trip to reunite us until we are 80. I know Ryan, Judi and Becks are most definitely with me on this one! However the 4 day recovery period since returning has not been so pleasant, but worth it all the same. I didn’t expect to love the place as much as I did, probably best taken in small doses however I am returning ASAP for pool season, could a return trip top this one? I will have fun trying.
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