Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The A-Team

As amazing as term 2 has already been it was so so nice to have the originals back with us for a week or so. As we were working hard they were travelling the US but before they all returned to Australia they came back to Van for one last goodbye. It wouldn’t have been right for them to return without a routine trip to Celebrities, 2am trips to McDonalds, $1 beer Thursdays and a trip to the sweat ‘Pit’. How I manage to make my time here sound so glamorous is beyond me. I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say how much we miss you guys already, but we shall be reunited before you know it (hopefully down under in 2013-stay put until then please guys!)
395298_341206689244934_114057871959818_1093168_1365474582_n DSC01234DSC01293

Burberry Prorsum A/W 2012

The finale to the Burberry Prorsum show was amazing. Glittered snow, rain and thunder…topped off with each model having their own umbrella. So quaint & British. If you have the time watch the full show the bows and studs are to die for, not forgetting their trenches of course.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moncler Fall 2012

Talk about attention grabbing. The show for Moncler this season was amazing. The entire show was done on ice at the Wollman ice rink in Central Park. Completely fitting for the collection and it was nice to see something different, there’s only so many catwalk shows you can sit through. Actually, who am I kidding?

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Grateful to my Mumma

inspiration board 95771929545302024_sbWVjxmN_f3940718393878596_hjPfbafe_f319370_10150350070662463_108605392462_9611052_764314_n
I can safely say I blame my mother for having me as hooked on interior design just half as much as she is. I am lucky to have such a talented mumma who will most definitely be called upon when I design my own house, not that she hasn’t enough on her plate with our house as it is. I love everything about all these photos and since I have been looking for a new place for next year it has got me searching for anything that gives me inspiration even more so than before. Somehow I feel like this post is far too old for my years? Or maybe I am growing up faster than I thought.

Nothing this guy does is wrong…

Eva who?

Couldn’t be truer

What screws us up most in life
is the picture in our head of how it is
supposed to be.

The Vow & its amazing vows

With yesterday being the day before the 15th of February it made perfect sense to go see this film. I guess when friends told me that it ‘didn’t really go anywhere’, they may have been right but when they reassured me I will most definitely cry, they also weren’t wrong.
I think these may be the sweetest vows ever written. sob

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day <3

Happy Valentines Day everyone…Because as much as I think having one day in the whole year to show your affections is just ridiculous, the 14th day of February seems to just send everyone in a crazy love heart shaped spin. Canadians take Valentines to a whole new level, it’s everywhere you look. Decorating love heart cookies in my halls yesterday was just ‘too cute’ but it came with a sad message that Valentines Day holds one of the highest suicide rates of any other time in the year…this shocked and devastated me. Valentines should be a day of LOVE – whether its for your boyfriend, mum, friend or even yourself. So if you have a Valentines, even if you don’t…make YOU your Valentines, give yourself some chocolates or flowers, like we need an excuse anyways?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

Super Sweet Sweetheart

DSC01161409182_10150649800890719_512685718_11214476_1494276480_n (1)DSC01181
If each week keeps ending as quick as they are at the minute I am going to need to find myself Bernard’s Watch and do some serious stoppage of time. Sigma Chi’s Sweetheart was this weekend and it of course was no less fun than anticipated. Not sure if it was the wine or just my over emotional self but the speeches, photos and Andrea winning Sweetheart had me welling up. The fact I could barely relate to anything being said by everyone suggests it was most likely the wine, but none the less it was such a nice night and it will not be forgotten any time soon. Not to mention the party bus there and back, I am easily entertained but people need to use these more back home. Driving round Van for a few hours with those close to you listening to God knows what (I know the odd country song was in there at some point-mentioning no names!! *Adrian*) is more fun than you would think. Seriously.
Congratulations to Andrea for winning Sigma Chi Sweetheart, we shall be doing a lot of celebrating in Vegas girl! You deserve it :)

The Vow

Think its safe to say I was close to tears just watching the trailer. Putting these two together from two of the most romantic films ever (the Notebook & Dear John) has got to be a perfect combo. Get me in that seat with my popcorn ASAP.

Friday, 3 February 2012

"If I'm awake, I'm working" - Tom Ford

give me this guys drive any day

Home Sweet Home

6811271849_4d38d61680_b Brantone vayres brantone2
can always rely on pictures sent from home to make you feel home sick. even if it has only been your home for 6 months. beaaaaaaaaaautiful

Matthew Williamson – Spring Summer 2012

most definitely taking inspiration for summer from this show. I want the outfit at 1.16/1.31/3.45/4.30/8.29/8.42/9.00…basically everything…FRINGE IS IN!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

un été français

I saw this photo and it reminded me of a picture my parents sent me when they were looking for their new house in France. It got me stupidly excited for the summer and the ones to follow, knowing I will be guaranteed non stop gorgeous weather in the joy of my own back garden (no offence England)

Blog Lovin’

So it seems rather than keeping up with my own blog I have just become obsessed with everyone else’s, and anyone reading this should check them out too. I am throwing them on to here, mainly for my own need encase in some freak accident my bookmarks disappear. They are mainly style related but there are some other fun ones in there too. (the pictures link you to their blogs)

A Wall of Inspiration

inspiration wall
Everybody needs one of these in their home. I am putting mine together as soon as I am back. Refresh it every week or day or month. Whatever suits, but everybody needs inspiration whatever it may be. What better way to use it than a way to decorate your home… and here are a few things to get you started…

Fastest month on record

I feel like it was a second ago I landed in Van again after the Christmas break. I blame this also for the lack of my posts, as well as my struggle to find inspiration to write. I have come to the conclusion it is either that or the fact that I have been here for so long now that the idea of blogging my travels just doesn’t seem new and exciting. I really feel like this is my home now, for the next 3 months anyways and so I don’t want to bore you with the details of what seems like my mundane day to day routine. That said I have only been back a month and it’s like I never left. Sigma Chi Academy – the best frat party to date, Yaletown cocktails, the most amazing cupcakes, Robson Square ice skating and not to forget practically becoming a cowboy at the Bourbon, mechanical bull and all. (To the individual who has it on his phone, delete it immediately, I had completely forgotten about it)
February is already here which means Vegas, Midterms, Sweethearts, Valentines Day, Spring Break and the return of some very special people to mention just a few. I can’t believe there is 8 weeks of class left and then I am done for the summer. How is it possible for a year to go just as fast as this? Slowwwwww down, perrrrrrlease.

DSC01099 DSC01103DSC01102
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