Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fastest month on record

I feel like it was a second ago I landed in Van again after the Christmas break. I blame this also for the lack of my posts, as well as my struggle to find inspiration to write. I have come to the conclusion it is either that or the fact that I have been here for so long now that the idea of blogging my travels just doesn’t seem new and exciting. I really feel like this is my home now, for the next 3 months anyways and so I don’t want to bore you with the details of what seems like my mundane day to day routine. That said I have only been back a month and it’s like I never left. Sigma Chi Academy – the best frat party to date, Yaletown cocktails, the most amazing cupcakes, Robson Square ice skating and not to forget practically becoming a cowboy at the Bourbon, mechanical bull and all. (To the individual who has it on his phone, delete it immediately, I had completely forgotten about it)
February is already here which means Vegas, Midterms, Sweethearts, Valentines Day, Spring Break and the return of some very special people to mention just a few. I can’t believe there is 8 weeks of class left and then I am done for the summer. How is it possible for a year to go just as fast as this? Slowwwwww down, perrrrrrlease.

DSC01099 DSC01103DSC01102

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