Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Grateful to my Mumma

inspiration board 95771929545302024_sbWVjxmN_f3940718393878596_hjPfbafe_f319370_10150350070662463_108605392462_9611052_764314_n
I can safely say I blame my mother for having me as hooked on interior design just half as much as she is. I am lucky to have such a talented mumma who will most definitely be called upon when I design my own house, not that she hasn’t enough on her plate with our house as it is. I love everything about all these photos and since I have been looking for a new place for next year it has got me searching for anything that gives me inspiration even more so than before. Somehow I feel like this post is far too old for my years? Or maybe I am growing up faster than I thought.

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