Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rosie Huntington Whitely

Rosie Huntington Whitely

Moschino Cheap & Chic embellished t shirt / Blank NYC leather skinny jeans / Charlotte Russe fringe booties / Proenza Schouler shoulder handbag / Valentino fragrance, $110 / Uttermost Birch Bark Boxes Set of 3 UM-19114

So I have just discovered Polyvore and I think it's safe to say it will be consuming 99.9% of my time from now on. You can basically create fashion articles for your very own magazine, or so it feels. The program provides you with numerous templates, an endless wardrobe and lots of photography to inspire you when putting together that perfect outfit. A stylists dream!! This was my first attempt so bare with me! 


Clover Canyon-Lucky For Some


I have a thing for prints, it's a love affair that I can't seem to, nor want to break free from. Clover Canyon and I are therefore clearly perfect for each other. I found this brand when I was doing my daily blog stalk where Cheyenne from Cheyenne meets Chanel (above) wears this amazingly stunning, eye catching dress. Nothing screams 'look at me more' and I guiltily buy into that. The prints and this dress reminded me so much of what I wore for my 21st and anything that takes me back to that weekend is a-okay with me. I'm seeing more and more Hawaii influenced prints cropping up not just online but in person too, Ibiza was certainly embracing this trend whole heartedly. I don't think I'm 100% ready to throw on my lea and head to the nearest Luau, but I am definitely inspired.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Music Politics

So this bugs me, a LOT! This idea that if you're not listening to Seth Troxler & Jamie Jones on a Friday night then you haven't lived, let alone be considered as 'socially acceptable'. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, the opposite in fact, I love music. Without it I honestly wonder if I could even get up in the mornings but certain circles seem to promote this 'I know more than you' vibe and maybe my time on the white isle this summer has led me to notice it more. There are those you meet, mentioning no names, that reel off a long list of DJ's then continue to talk your ear off for hours about how much they love deep house/tech house/minimal or a new one 'glitch hop'! I'm sorry but what the heck is that?! I understand there are keeno music lovers out there who know every single track listing from every single set ever played by any DJ...ever!!! And if that is you then brill, I'm not saying its a negative. But so what if that isn't you and you genuinely do just LOVE the music. Whether its tINI, Daniel Bortz, Sven Vath or whoever, you CAN just be there for the atmosphere, the people and the tracks, whatever they may be and you shouldn't feel excluded if you're not 100% 'in the know'.

I think Ibiza over any other place has this atmosphere that you MUST know your music otherwise, 'why are you there?'. How this happens I don't know, considering you can see Tulisa at Eden one minute then 30 minutes later be two stepping to Miguel Campbell at DC10, (I'm definitely not promoting Tulisa there, she's not my fav but she is some peoples!). Maybe its the mix of music on the island that makes everyone so opinionated in their views? Who knows. What I do know though is that, it's okay, if you thought Maceo Plex was something straight out of Transformers (again, mentioning no names) or if Warehouse Project tickles your fancy because the whole of your Facebook feed is taken over with people posting about it. If you're there for the music, why does it matter? So you know the difference between deep house and tech? Congratulations, you can two step your way to Miami's Beachplex with that one.

Wise Words of Mr Ocean

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Everything this girl does is effortless. She manages to achieve so many different looks so perfectly and gets it right every single time with her combination of smart tailoring, delicate lace and unique prints. Each time she steps out in a new outfit its as if she played ip-dip-sky-blue with her wardrobe and the items just luckily ALWAYS end up going together. She combines fabrics and prints that I would never usually dare put together (see red lace and leopard combination above) but never, ever over does it. I don't doubt that her incredibly amazing genes are to thank for helping her outfits have that extra something but even so I love everything about this girl. Along with Aimee Song of SongofStyle, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Blake Lively, Whitney Port and recently Millie Mackintosh she is up there with my all time favourite style icons and if that wasn't enough the girl really does have it all with her gorgeous German beau Johannes Huebl, don't even get me started on his 'steeze'. Boys take note. 

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Amazing what you can find in a tiny French village

So my parents insisted we visit a friends vintage store the other day, thinking it involved a lot of antique tables and chairs I was pleasantly surprised when I found this stunning Jane Shilton snakeskin clutch bag! I'm not convinced yet about my thoughts on the fact it's real snakeskin but I try to tell myself otherwise and it seems to make me feel better! I love vintage shopping because you are guaranteed a unique piece that most of the time you can be sure wont be on the shelves of Topshop for three times the price! Oh and I forgot to mention, the bag was €25!!! How amazing? Vintage has its own piece of history behind it too and I love that! I will be returning to purchase some jewellery once I find that 100 hour a week job but until then I will admire from afar! I will try and get some pictures of it all as it to die for and so much better than any vintage store I've ever seen! Apparently the best vintage jewellery can be found across the pond so I best get a ticket purchased ASAP! Message to friends-if seeing yours truly wasn't enough incentive to come see me in France then this shop definitely is!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fashion's Night Out

September 6th 2012. Fashion enthusiasts pen it in to your diaries right.this.minute!! I have been meaning to go to this for a few years but now seems like a better time than any. Career talks, long conversations with the parents and a lot of my friends graduating has got me thinking more and more about what it is I want to eventually do with my life once the surreal world of 'University' is over. I luckily still have a year left but if this last year is anything to go by I may wake up tomorrow and find I have graduated with not a penny of my student loan left and absolutely NO CLUE what to do. I love everything about fashion and I know one way or another I want to pursue a career down its very large path so what better way to start my productive year than with this?

If late night shopping surrounded by your favourite designers and celebrities isn't tempting enough then go to support Vogue's charity of choice, Refuge, and buy the FNO t-shirt which I am absolutely in love with, designed by Jonathan Saunders. 

Where has summer gone?

How is it nearing the end of August already? It seems like yesterday I was writing my last blog post, unfortunately in fact that's not the case at all! Every time I promise myself I will keep up to date with this site something else takes my attention. In my defence this summer has been hectic and thankfully everything I hoped for. Croatia was undoubtedly AND unexpectedly my favourite part. The country is beautiful and it's people are some of the friendliest I have ever come across. I luckily found this out when I left my iPod in a hostel in Hvar (it was the end of the trip, Hideout had taken its toll and about the only thing my brain could process was my name, YES I really was that tired!!) within a week I received a message from them letting me know they had it and would be returning it to me. I don't mean to be a pessimist but this would definitely not have happened had I been in England! So if this post achieves anything then please let it be that you all book flights to Croatia some point soon. More importantly make sure you go to Hula Hula in Hvar. Just be wary of copious jugs of Sex on the Beach,  french twins and people who claim they are on yacht week! A 3am search party and 1 very disorientated Shep later meant that Hula-ing will forever remind me of these three things!!

Parklife, my 21st in London, Ibiza and French escapes have all come close seconds. That being said all this travelling has taken its toll on my bank balance and I'm quickly realising that nothing in this life comes for free but thankfully the past 3 months have so been worth the 100 hour a week job I now need to find!! Know of anything legitimate that pays well for minimum hours then let me know!? That dream job has to be out there somewhere right?
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