Thursday, 16 August 2012

Amazing what you can find in a tiny French village

So my parents insisted we visit a friends vintage store the other day, thinking it involved a lot of antique tables and chairs I was pleasantly surprised when I found this stunning Jane Shilton snakeskin clutch bag! I'm not convinced yet about my thoughts on the fact it's real snakeskin but I try to tell myself otherwise and it seems to make me feel better! I love vintage shopping because you are guaranteed a unique piece that most of the time you can be sure wont be on the shelves of Topshop for three times the price! Oh and I forgot to mention, the bag was €25!!! How amazing? Vintage has its own piece of history behind it too and I love that! I will be returning to purchase some jewellery once I find that 100 hour a week job but until then I will admire from afar! I will try and get some pictures of it all as it to die for and so much better than any vintage store I've ever seen! Apparently the best vintage jewellery can be found across the pond so I best get a ticket purchased ASAP! Message to friends-if seeing yours truly wasn't enough incentive to come see me in France then this shop definitely is!!

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