Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How time flies…

It has been farrrrrrr too long since I have updated this, a month exactly but to be honest I have been busy busy getting better after having strep/ a broken back and everything in between. I am back to my normal self and been making up for lost time. It has become super cold here all of a sudden and the mountains are now snow capped, making Vancouver even more beautiful than it already was. Planning to venture up to Whistler next week as a goodbye to some of my favourites who are leaving at Christmas as they’re only on exchange for a term (sob sob – please don’t go!!!) so I am super excited for that as I have STILL not been, and STILL not set foot down a ski slope (wish me luck) but today I completed my ski get up with a GOOOORGEOUS Zara ski coat (& YES it IS a legit ski jacket for those who doubt me)
A few weekends a go a bunch of us took a trip to Seattle and with Sleepless in Seattle being one of my fav films I always wanted to visit. I am not going to say I was disappointed, maybe my expectations were set too high with breathtaking Vancouver as my new home but it was definitely not what I expected. You notice a difference as soon as you even cross the border but it was nice to travel down and see the beautiful scenery along the way (for the most part anyway, when Becky and I weren’t singing). We visited the Cheesecake Factory which speaks for itself, mountains and mountains of food and an unlimited selection of cheesecake in sooo many flavours (definitely explains one difference we noticed between the American and Canadian people…I shall let you figure that one out yourself). Space Needle, Pike Place Market and not forgetting the gum wall were all ticked off our list. It was definitely worth the visit despite the rain but I can safely say Vancouver has won my heart and I wasn’t too upset to leave Seattle (even with numerous shopping bags in hand and more shops left unvisited).
Since then there have been numerous Pit nights, an encounter with my favourite Entourage star Adrian Grenier (made my year-as the majority of you know), stupid amounts of delicious ‘buffeT’ food at an entertaining Christmas party and a little bit of work squeezed in between.
I cannot believe I am 2 weeks away from the end of term. How time flies eh? 3 months have flew by me so fast my fingers and toes are crossed that next  term slows down a little, that said it has been an amazing three months and I cannot wait to start the next adventure in 2012.
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