Monday, 24 October 2011

Everything but the Dress…

So being the Kurt Geiger advocate that I am I was so excited to hear they had finally launched their new ‘Everything but the dress’ range. I knew when I was working for them that there were talks of introducing an accessories range but I didn’t know when this would be. After reading a few blogs ‘5 inch and up’ which my friend Jess introduced me to (you should all start reading this btw her style is something else and its so interesting to read) I found out that it’s been launched. I realise now I am slightly behind with this info, however the chaos of the move across the pond and everything else exciting going on will be my excuse for the delay. That’s irrelevant anywho as the most important thing is that everybody sees how amazing they’re stuff is. The clutches and purses are to die for, I love the slouchy, effortless style of them. Don’t get me started on their shoes, they have been and always will be amazing, the day I stop buying KG, someone should probably check my pulse. The heartbreaking part of this story is that Canada has no KG, and I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. They deliver worldwide however buying shoes online is like buying a car and watching someone else test drive it for you, it just isn’t right, the best part is spending hours in the store trying each one on. (Yep I am the annoying individual who asks to try every shoe on display-but I worked for them so I am allowed to do this!!!)  I want and need the snake purple tote in my life. I was never a huge accessories fan, mainly when it comes to jewellery but I am hoping KG will inspire me to change this, by the looks of their initial stuff I think they’re onto a winner.
"Fashion is no longer just about the clothing - accessories have become the driving force behind contemporary fashion," the brand's creative director, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley.

Vancouver Fashion Week

So I was finding the right time to tell you guys, or rather waiting to hear if they’d been stupid enough to ask for me. But I got invited to a casting for Vancouver Fashion Week and I have just found out I got it!!! Very excited/nervous but its a great opportunity to make some amazing contacts and hopefully have some fun. I have no idea what to expect but I shall let you guys know what happens…I am guessing there will be no sign of the Olsen Twins or Anna Wintour on the front row but who knows ha!… So it looks like I am bound to the gym now for the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck.
images 188977-1

Friday, 21 October 2011

HAPPY 21ST to an Amazing Friend

Just a quick one to say Happy Birthday to one of my favourites Katence! Her big 21!! As well as an overdue apology to my Pops for missing his birthday on the 11th. LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! Wish I was there to celebrate them. But hope you have an amazing day Katy and hope everyone spoils you! I wish I could have ran through into your room this morning with tons of birthday related items and jump on your bed like I did most mornings at Lathom HA.
& a quick gushy thanks to everyone who has showed me how much of a fab friend they are to me since I’ve been here. I appreciate it sooooooooo much and can’t wait to be back with you and my amazing family, of course!!! xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Midterms are over and the goose is getting fat…

The above sentence doesn’t need to make sense, it does to me…it might to you by the end of this. Just a quick blog update seen as I haven’t in the past couple of days, not sure how you’re all coping?! Mid terms are officially over!! Can’t say they lasted long, my first and only one was yesterday and it went…ummmm okay?! I think! When the teacher offered me tissues after I handed her my paper I wasn’t sure if it was because she could sense the look of fail written all over my face or that she could tell I was ill with flu!? Even though I only had one exam, I still unfortunately have a few more pieces of work to hand in but I can safely say the expectations here are much lower than home. This is not a criticism in any way, I think the system is so much better here, more consistent, you stay motivated and you can actually attain high grades rather than home where you feel short changed by receiving nothing higher than 75% (and even that is considered near to impossible at times)…unless that’s just me!? ha…
So excited for Halloween, we are all going fancy dress shopping this weekend to find outfits! Still undecided on what to choose but there are a million and one stores here specifically for Halloween weekend so I am sure I will find something ‘appropriate’.
BUT most importantly…After talks with my lovely hidden valley ranch partner in crime Linda (video below to help this make sense-just to give you a giggle) I am officially going to ‘Cali’ for Christmas!!!! Words cannot explain how much this excites me! Finally I am going to California, and what better way to spend it than with the Franklin fam. Trips to Disneyland, rollerblading on Venice Beach in hunt of Justin Bobby, watching fake snow fall at the Grove (talking of the Hills I am pretty sure that’s on an episode?) and whatever else they do on the west coast!?
So even though I think the kegstand I did last weekend inadvertently gave me ‘Strep’ (tonsillitis to all back home) the forthcoming weekends skiing in Whistler, Halloween, many trips to Seattle, Christmas in California and whatever we decide for New Year, are keeping me going and I am STILL having the most amazing time, EVER! Definitely not ready to go home, good job I still have 6 months left! (that does NOT sound long enough now I just said it out loud :()
Here is just a hilarious video from SNL with Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy (my dear friend Diana aka Linda found her calling when she saw this vid, basically her in 10 years! luhhhhh yew), I wish we got this back home!! Check out the Jimmy Fallon skit of Jersey Shore too if you’re a fan, its brilliant!!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


…and just to update on my travels, I did my first kegstand last night and it was FAB! So fab I did it twice, and although some would beg to differ I was pretty damn good at it. Im’a win some bets soon enough!

Whatever you do, listen to this guy…Weeknd

For those of you who have never heard of Weeknd, LISTEN and for those of you who have, I would like to ask you why you didn’t tell me sooner about him!? He is an amazing amazing talent and I have had his stuff on replay all day.
This is easily my favourite and I cannot get it out of my head.

Friday, 14 October 2011

8 Tracks

I don’t know whether I am just really behind the times or its not something that is that huge back in England, probably the former but this websites amazing. It has every single track you would ever need in your life, grouped into different moods, genres, artists etc. Anyone can make a playlist and combine a bunch of songs to suit your mood. I LOVE IT.
Better wake up call than an early morning cappuccino -

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Realising more and more how much I struggle paying attention to this sentence. In the dictionary there is a photo of me next to the word fickle, go look. However it is often described as being inconsistent with relation to loyalties, this I am most definitely not, the opposite in fact. Constantly changing and wanting to find the next big thing IS me however. But its not just me who does this, I know a lot like this and it makes me wonder whether its a generation thing? Can we ever be satisfied with what we have? It scares me to think we can’t, I tell myself we can but the constant search for change cannot be a good thing in most respects and how do we go about, ironically, changing this feature of us, to become content with what we already have? I’m the one who rearranges my room a million and one times, changes hair colour whenever I feel like it, as if its disposable (which when it goes wrong it most certainly is NOT! been in the situation far too many times to know, and is expensive to correct!) changes nail polish every day and needs an entire new wardrobe each week. I know they all seem trivial but even so, why do it? Guess if they’re trivial is it even a huge issue? I think in our society we are increasingly bored with our surroundings or rather we become bored much quicker. On the other hand it’s argued is a need for change even a bad thing? Change can be exciting. Remaining in the same routine, day in day out can leave you feeling bland and uninspired. I think we all need a shake up more than we actually realise or are even willing to do. So sometimes it might go wrong, but a huge part of life is about making mistakes and learning how to bounce back from them. It’s the learning part that’s most important. Maybe the more you look for change the more you learn? Who knows, but I guess if you’re not willing to face change and take a risk how will you know? I’m beginning to realise that recognising when change is necessary is the key thing. Making rash decisions and failing to think of the repercussions can leave you crying unnecessarily over spilt milk, a few more seconds thought  could save a whole lot of clean up.
Embrace change, go on I dare you!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Coolest Couple Ever..

Enough said. I want my own Caleb. Every single shot of them they look ridiculously in love there’s nothing hotter.LILY7
Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Breaking the bank but so worth it…

Untitled A couple of weeks ago, we were walking down Granville, trying our hardest to window shop and only window shop. Until we were drawn into Lavan. This was probably the hardest test of my will power ever.  The store was amazing and the products were like nothing I had ever really seen before (with prices to match their exclusivity). None the less we were treated to a mini spa treatment and my skin has never felt softer or more amazing. Their products are all based on natural ingredients originating from Israel with unique and healing minerals from the Dead Sea. It’s really unlike anything I have tried before. I wish we had this back home but once I find a winning lottery ticket I intend to stock up for my return. You can order online though and can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Fickle should be my middle name…

So I fancied a change to my blog layout etc and decided I am not just going to blog about my travels more just anything that I like, don’t like, take note of when I feel like it. :) As to me that’s what a blog should be all about as well as the fact I seem to be becoming more and more inquisitive the more time I spend here… The new blog title needs no explanation as it’s best kept secret, but already particular individuals have made their own assumptions so I shall let you make yours. Promise it wont be changed again as I am determined to keep this up.
Unfortunately my Thanksgiving dinner was pretty much none existent so no photos to follow, luckily I intend to make up for this by spending the American Thanksgiving, IN America so I have another chance to try it out. Fingers crossed it goes to plan this time. Note to self:- do not listen to Luke’s foodie recommendations considering his favourite snack is peanuts. Bleugh…. Halloween is not far away and us foreign folk have been informed of the need for not just 1 Halloween outfit but at least 3! Already have a few ideas mainly Cinderella (Thanks Diana), Sandy from Grease ( I WILL get the wig).. Anything that is not remotely scary basically or I would pretty much be setting myself up for LiLo’s scene in Mean Girls ‘Zombie Bride?’ ‘Ex Wife’ scenario. Halloween does NOT mean scary in North America apparently. Bizarre. Come to think of it, does it even mean that in England? I remember last halloween trying on an age 10-12 cat outfit in Sainsburys and genuinely believing I could get away with it!? One year I WILL!
Really want to start updating this way more so stay posted…

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

4 1/2 day weekend is upon us…

Thanksgiving weekend is here!! Time to find out what all the fuss is about. All I know is that I want it to include a million and one perogies, stuffing, turkey (or whatever meat you’re supposed to devour) and I am trying my best to show these Canadians what its really all about and I’m going to make my mummas amazing yorkshire puddings. I am hoping it looks something along the lines of this…..You’ll be the first to know.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Long Boats, Stanley Park & a few transvestites…

I’ve managed to be here a month without catching it, the time has come, fresher flu has caught up with me well and truly. So friday I took it easy and went ice skating. I was impressed with how I managed to stay up right and not fall over once. The last time I went about 7 years ago all I remember is clinging on to the sides. Next I will be competing in the winter olympics. Decided it was a sensible idea to take it easy considering the day of the long boat had come (remember that thing I was telling you about that I didn’t want to do and was hoping to find a way of getting out of, I never found a way) but after all that it was actually fun, and despite our team agreeing to not try and win in order to not go through to the next round, we came 3rd, which automatically put us through to the next round at 8am the next day. I may have enjoyed it the first time but that’s about it, the thought of doing it again at 8am the next day with plans to go out the night before did not bode well for me. (I will leave it as a mystery as to whether we ever made it to that 8am start.)
DSC00388 DSC00385  296871_10150397957260719_512685718_10167850_45224054_n
After, what I sense is going to quickly become a daily routine, making banana and chocolate chip pancakes, I rested up for a night downtown. Luke reassured us that a night at 560, a gay club downtown wouldn’t just be full of gay men. We doubted it but turns out, straight guys seem to think this is a fantastic way to pick up girls. It isn’t, so guys back home, don’t go getting any ideas. We were too distracted by the transvestites on stage as well as being surrounded by gay men who loved Becky and I’s routinely dance offs. We should probably stop those, if anyone’s seen the video on my facebook, you now what I am talking about. I also have no idea who anyone in this photo below is but its funny all the same.
320019_10150861173840171_599180170_21307770_1668447178_n 303248_10150861173120171_599180170_21307762_1614888460_n 312653_10150403632571756_636581755_10219674_1425080919_n 
Sunday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and head to Stanley Park. Don’t ask how but it was worth it. We got bikes, put on our attractive helmets (me not included as we all know how big my head is haaaa meant literally, no pun intended) and cycled round the sea wall. The views were fab, as you can see from the photos and it definitely helped rid me of my hangover. Cycling along in my own little world I notice how fun it is to listen into peoples conversations, but only for a second. Cycling past people, I would hear a sentence from whatever story they were telling each other and then I would spend the rest of the journey wondering where the story came from or how it would end. Call me nosey (I get this from my mumma-yes you heard mum) but it’s entertaining none the less.
Something everyone seems to do here is have a ‘bucket list’ you’re own list of things you want to achieve before you die. A certain someone I know here seems to have an endless bucket list and he’s inspired me to start my own. Who knows how long mine will end up but I am going to start thinking of things from now. Since only being here a month I have already done things that would most definitely have been on my list, but now I can tick these off. I think everyone should have their own bucket list. So start writing one now :). Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s viewed my blog. Since starting it a month ago I have had over 1200 views, 4 of those have come from Mauritius, I have no idea who when or how they have viewed it but if it’s someone I know, name yourself, I quite fancy a holiday ha!
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Love Hols x
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