Monday, 3 October 2011

Long Boats, Stanley Park & a few transvestites…

I’ve managed to be here a month without catching it, the time has come, fresher flu has caught up with me well and truly. So friday I took it easy and went ice skating. I was impressed with how I managed to stay up right and not fall over once. The last time I went about 7 years ago all I remember is clinging on to the sides. Next I will be competing in the winter olympics. Decided it was a sensible idea to take it easy considering the day of the long boat had come (remember that thing I was telling you about that I didn’t want to do and was hoping to find a way of getting out of, I never found a way) but after all that it was actually fun, and despite our team agreeing to not try and win in order to not go through to the next round, we came 3rd, which automatically put us through to the next round at 8am the next day. I may have enjoyed it the first time but that’s about it, the thought of doing it again at 8am the next day with plans to go out the night before did not bode well for me. (I will leave it as a mystery as to whether we ever made it to that 8am start.)
DSC00388 DSC00385  296871_10150397957260719_512685718_10167850_45224054_n
After, what I sense is going to quickly become a daily routine, making banana and chocolate chip pancakes, I rested up for a night downtown. Luke reassured us that a night at 560, a gay club downtown wouldn’t just be full of gay men. We doubted it but turns out, straight guys seem to think this is a fantastic way to pick up girls. It isn’t, so guys back home, don’t go getting any ideas. We were too distracted by the transvestites on stage as well as being surrounded by gay men who loved Becky and I’s routinely dance offs. We should probably stop those, if anyone’s seen the video on my facebook, you now what I am talking about. I also have no idea who anyone in this photo below is but its funny all the same.
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Sunday we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and head to Stanley Park. Don’t ask how but it was worth it. We got bikes, put on our attractive helmets (me not included as we all know how big my head is haaaa meant literally, no pun intended) and cycled round the sea wall. The views were fab, as you can see from the photos and it definitely helped rid me of my hangover. Cycling along in my own little world I notice how fun it is to listen into peoples conversations, but only for a second. Cycling past people, I would hear a sentence from whatever story they were telling each other and then I would spend the rest of the journey wondering where the story came from or how it would end. Call me nosey (I get this from my mumma-yes you heard mum) but it’s entertaining none the less.
Something everyone seems to do here is have a ‘bucket list’ you’re own list of things you want to achieve before you die. A certain someone I know here seems to have an endless bucket list and he’s inspired me to start my own. Who knows how long mine will end up but I am going to start thinking of things from now. Since only being here a month I have already done things that would most definitely have been on my list, but now I can tick these off. I think everyone should have their own bucket list. So start writing one now :). Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s viewed my blog. Since starting it a month ago I have had over 1200 views, 4 of those have come from Mauritius, I have no idea who when or how they have viewed it but if it’s someone I know, name yourself, I quite fancy a holiday ha!
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