Monday, 24 October 2011

Everything but the Dress…

So being the Kurt Geiger advocate that I am I was so excited to hear they had finally launched their new ‘Everything but the dress’ range. I knew when I was working for them that there were talks of introducing an accessories range but I didn’t know when this would be. After reading a few blogs ‘5 inch and up’ which my friend Jess introduced me to (you should all start reading this btw her style is something else and its so interesting to read) I found out that it’s been launched. I realise now I am slightly behind with this info, however the chaos of the move across the pond and everything else exciting going on will be my excuse for the delay. That’s irrelevant anywho as the most important thing is that everybody sees how amazing they’re stuff is. The clutches and purses are to die for, I love the slouchy, effortless style of them. Don’t get me started on their shoes, they have been and always will be amazing, the day I stop buying KG, someone should probably check my pulse. The heartbreaking part of this story is that Canada has no KG, and I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. They deliver worldwide however buying shoes online is like buying a car and watching someone else test drive it for you, it just isn’t right, the best part is spending hours in the store trying each one on. (Yep I am the annoying individual who asks to try every shoe on display-but I worked for them so I am allowed to do this!!!)  I want and need the snake purple tote in my life. I was never a huge accessories fan, mainly when it comes to jewellery but I am hoping KG will inspire me to change this, by the looks of their initial stuff I think they’re onto a winner.
"Fashion is no longer just about the clothing - accessories have become the driving force behind contemporary fashion," the brand's creative director, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley.

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