Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Neon Neediness

Apologies for the delay in posting recently but Graduation seemed to take up much more time than just the day it was celebrated on, combined with work and getting home at ungodly hours (not to sound like one of those annoying people who try make out they are far busier than they actually are - thats not my intention!!). 
So we celebrated my birthday this weekend and what better (and only) way to celebrate your birthday than with a bright neon green bodycon dress. Girls surely can relate to this and although it (surprisingly) took some serious persuading by loved ones for me to wear this I definitely enjoyed my final decision. I wouldn't usually run towards this colour, I think my fair skinned, blonde haired self would consider it overpowering but with me going slightly darker last week hair wise I took the plunge. The shoes are the one and only incredible-ness that is Zara. This style seems to have become their logo of late, with them effortlessly making so many incredible 90's inspired options which resemble this pair above. All I ask is that you never stop producing such a heavenly shoe Zara. Please!!!
For me its important to let a dress like this shine, with little distractions, so I kept the shoes and jewellery to a minimum - which I believe should be the norm for most if not all outfit choices. 

On another note - as fab as the shoes are - I dont encourage them for those wanting high levels of comfort, only to be worn for very short periods of time. They are the reason my night lasted half the length it should have! 

Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - Zara 


AshleighGxoxo said...

You look beaut, love the dress ! My flat mate has it in cream but I'm def feeling the neon! Xxxx

Cassie Paige said...

That's such a great dress!

the { cassiepaige }

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