Saturday, 6 July 2013

Calling All Denim Lovers to Selfridges

Denim has always reminded me of the 90's. Scrunchies, Saved by the Bell and dungarees. As much as I love all those things I haven't been able to shake the association of denim with my childhood, therefore every time I rock denim I end up feeling like a little kid. Not a desirable look I often go for. However thanks to Selfridges new denim studio they have for the next 6 weeks in store I am rekindling my love for blue jeans. Even better I am finding ways to pair denim, with denim!! For me this is a big deal, the thought scares me and I would always run in the opposite direction if anyone suggested such a thing but denim really CAN be worn along side more denim! Who'd have thunk it? I have found the process a lot easier if the fabrics and textures you pair together are different. 
These amazing denim effect trousers from Maje make the studded denim Sandro jacket stand out that much more, not to mention the trousers are probably the comfiest things I have ever worn, granted they are 100% silk but everyone should own a pair of these. If the denim is too much they're available in soft pastels which are equally as amazing and perfect for this Summer. 

The heels have been my obsession for a good 6 months in work and seeing them every day is too painful considering I just can't part with £300 but I think you'll all agree they are incredible? (For those interested my birthday is fast approaching and I can appreciate how hard it must be to think of ideas... ;)) 

Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner front the #denimlovers campaign. 

With special model size burgers. 

Designers such as Marni have created exclusive denim pieces for the number one department store. Along side 7 for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity and Hudson. 

Go check it out for yourself here

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