Monday, 30 September 2013

Forever Florals

Happy Monday!!

Cant believe its been a week since I last posted! I apologise as I got carried away with Birthdays and freshers week oh and obviously work!!! For those wondering - I am unfortunately no longer a fresher however embarrassingly refuse to accept this fact!! So we ventured out on Wednesday to a friends night to relive old times! As much as I loved it it really made me realise how not studenty I am anymore and that attending events with 18 year olds just makes me feel old!! The sad thing is I'm only 22!!!! This shouldnt be the case! It was only 4 years ago I was strutting around in freshers tshirts on a printworks bar crawl for my very first uni week!! Seems like far too long ago but I will stop here before I get all nostalgic!

Top/H&M, Trousers/Topshop similar here, Bag/Zara, Shoes/Zara, Jewellery/Vintage/Marc Jacobs

These pants are my all time favourite trouser which I wore for my 21st birthday weekend in London! They are also my skinny pants - you girls know what I mean. The pair of trousers which you fit in at your skinniest and feel amazing for wearing! Its hard to tell here but trust me - I cannot easily glide in to these as much as I would like to, but luckily the camera doesn't pick that up! That being said they are gorgeous and I love that the floral print is not just your average joe, it literally looks like they have took a photo of an overgrown garden and printed them on to these silk pants. Or maybe thats just me?

What have you guys been up to?! Stay tuned for photos from a blogger meet up I did with Ashleigh from Pretty Girl Rich!! :)


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend

Evening lovelies!!
I have been so excited to write this post as I was struggling to keep in my excitement from the weekend for even a day!! I spent the weekend in London as the boyfriend got me tickets for my birthday to Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend! I hadn't been to it before and it was such a nice surprise as I'm not sure I would have ended up going if he hadn't!

But anyways - on to the interesting stuff!!! The event is a shopping lovers dream, as you will see from the photos below! Which I also apologise for as I had borrowed my friends camera for the day (as mine has sadly left me for camera heaven!) and I foolishly didnt charge it for long enough before hand, although I brought the charger like an eager photographer there was no where to plug it in so the photos were taken in a kind of hurried, 'quick the battery may leave me at any moment' kind of way!! (Just purchased a new camera though which I and the blog are very very excited for!!!!! This is the start of some beautiful blogging!!!) From what I did get though you can clearly see how incredibly lustful they all are. Balmain, Viktor and Rolf, endless vintage fur pieces (which I obviously struggled to leave behind-it definitely had one up on Emmaus!!), Vivienne Westwood and American Vintage, to name just a few!! Everything is at discounted prices and if you go prepared you really can bag endless bargains!!


Tom kindly treated me to a piece from the Wishlist London collection which was the first Wishlist piece I owned and I cant rate this jewellery enough!! I got the buddha palm bracelet which I am obsessed with and after spying a few similar pieces on Etsy I was determined to find a bracelet like this!! I am not sure what Wishlist jewellery retails for normally but I will definitely be checking out the website to find myself some other delicate beauties.

& this is where my camera ran out! Literally minutes before the show began so you can imagine my disappointment. My trusty iPhone had to step in as backup (see photos of show further down!).

The Kinder Bueno room was giving out free hand and back massages and not to mention unlimited Bueno's which we obviously made good use of!! We needed it to prepare for the 1hour queue which unknowingly awaited us... 

...And this is what it was ultimately for!! Maybelline Back Stage had their own event room which prior to the weekend had been promoting Mollie King as the face of, which just happens to be Tom's ultimate favourite girl of all time blah blah blah ha! So we 'happily' waited outside after being told it would only take 5 minutes in eager hope of meeting Mollie at the other side. 1 hour later and once in the room, there was no Mollie to be found just walls of Maybelline makeup and a green screen which placed you on your very own virtual catwalk. After waiting an hour it only seemed right to take advantage of this little novelty and this is what I got....

Got to admit I think I would rather have met Mollie!!! But I think Tom was feeling more let down than anyone in there!! Sorry fella!!! Theres always next time!!

Gilet/Topshop, Jumper/Sandro, Trousers/H&M, Shoes/Next, Bag/Mulberry, Jewellery/Vintage/Marc Jacobs
...and this is what I wore!! I was lusting after this green Topshop gilet ever since I saw it a few months back!! Its one of those colours thats just rich and full of goodness! The jumper is Sandro and I was going to pair it with a leather skirt I found in a vintage store but the weather did not permit so I went for my trusty leather H&M trousers and new Next heels which I got for work last week but have not taken off since! I am always guilty of investing in heels too high, thinking I will easily be able to manage an 8 hour shift in them to find how incredibly wrong I am, so these heels for me were a wise choice and for that I am very proud of myself!! 

The trend show which we attended after was held in Somerset house which was amazing to experience, knowing you were in the same spot as all the favourites, metres away from where the likes of Harry Styles, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung all sat. It definitely gave me the itch to eventually make it there myself, attending London, NYC, Paris and Milan - thats the dream and one day hopefully I'll be blogging from all the big ones, looking back at this moment and knowing its where it all started!

We finished off the afternoon by heading over to Hotel ME as my best friend Joely recommended having a drink on their amazing rooftop. Unfortunately the weather wasn't hot cocktail type temperatures but we made the most of it none the less and I would definitely return, the rooms at Hotel ME are incredible wherever you are in the world so if you are ever in the area definitely take a look!!!

We finished off the weekend by meeting up with friends in Shoreditch for dinner at Pizza East and drinks at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen which we always seem to find ourselves whenever in London. 
All in all an amazing weekend and I definitely encourage any of you fashion lovers to take a trip to London Fashion Weekend next season!!! Just go with bags of money!!

Apologies for the bombardment of photos in this post but after all thats what blogging is about? 


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Monday, 23 September 2013

Net-A-Porter's New Netbook App

Hello lovelies!! Happy Monday!

Hope you have all had a good weekend!! I just got back from London last night as I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House! It was incredible and those who haven't gone I urge you to go next season but enough on that as I will be uploading a post soon with endless photos and juicy details!!

The little online birdies let me know about Net-A-Porter's new Netbook app which I am already pining after and downloading as we speak (only to be added to the wait list of course!!! sob!!) For those who don't know I also write for La Vida which is a North West fashion and lifestyle mag based here in Manchester so sometimes my features on the website will also appear on here as I like to combine the two :) You can check out La Vida here & here is all you need to know about the new Net-A-Porter app...

Watch out Facebook, theres a new social app set to hit the web any time soon which will undoubtedly be the most design savvy yet. Net-a-Porter has entered into the social realm with their new 'Netbook' app. 
The idea behind it is that users can interact based on which items they are coveting amongst other Net a Porter fanatics. The app incorporates their already available wishlist feature but making them public, allowing other users to 'admire' each others 'wishlists' from afar, and of course purchase hotly anticipated pieces. 
If you already have iPhone in hand, app store open, eagerly searching for this fashion lovers dream then hold your horses. Unfortunately Net a Porter have lived true to their name and kept the app exclusively under wraps for now, offering it only to industry insiders, giving them an opportunity to build up a recognisable fan base with products which customers would happily lust over from all our favourite celebrities and designers, whilst giving the app an opportunity to be tested live, having the chance to fix any little glitches. If this wasn't frustrating enough, the designer e-tailer has made the app available to download from, which will automatically add you to the endless waitlist of those pining for the app, eventually adding you on a first come first serve basis. Net a Porter have effectively created a social app which targets all designer junkies, allowing unlimited wishlists to be created just in time for Christmas! Thats right, its September and I just uttered the words Christmas...but what better way to get you organised and excited for the big Two Five, than the Netbook?

What do you guys think? Have you already downloaded? Is anyone lucky enough to have tried it?

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

London Fashion Week Round Up

Photo Credit:
From top to bottom; Richard Nicoll, Preen, Mulberry, Temperley, Matthew Williamson, Topshop Unique, Mary Katrantzou, Paul Smith, Antonio Berardi, Christopher Kane, Erdem, Burberry, Peter Pilotto, Tom Ford, Thomas Tait.

NYC managed to take over 3 whole posts which although deserved - was rather time consuming! So I figured I would try contain LFW to one post with just an endless list of all my favourites. Not quite sure which is better? But I hope you enjoy my London Fashion Week round up!!

From these photos evidently sheer is in. Florals are forever in vogue with Preen taking a futuristic twist to the trend and I adore Temperley's take on combining florals with animal print (obviously!!! It is me after all!?). That 70's vibe is evident with fringe & hippy slogan tees and Tom Ford was his unique self having you easily mistake his collection for Autumn Winter with dark hues and richly toned leathers.

My favourites from LFW have to be Peter Pilotto, Burberry, Williamson and Temperley. I stand by London, once again being the best of the four bi-annual fashion weeks, I am not particularly patriotic in most things but for fashion I really am. LFW has definitely been my favourite so far!! Paris and Milan, you have a lot to live up to!!


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