Thursday, 5 September 2013

Leather Luxe

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Sincereley Jules
Dannika Zen

Leather Shorts, Leopard,

Recently I have developed an infatuation with leather, I am pretty sure it all stemmed from the Dannika Zen skirt (3rd picture) which I adore adore adore. I am on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket which I am coveting from All Saints, Sandro and H&M at the moment as well as the perfect leather skirt AND trousers. Sooooo as you can see - my leather love is growing ten fold!! There is something so effortless about throwing on a leather jacket or skirt; it makes an outfit, even if the rest of the get up is kept completely and utterly simple. 
Leather is definitely my luxury at the moment and once I find the perfect pieces I will be sure to post them up here immediately!!! 
Until then, hopefully these snaps will inspire your leather loving as much as they have me!

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