Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NYFW Round UP - Edition 2

So here's some more NYFW worthy photos to drool over once more!!! 7 more hot picks of New York's finest!!! Starting with Peter Som...
Florals and leopard, do I need to say more. I really enjoy the oversized silhouettes Som has instilled in his collection this season, once again the big T shaped dresses and tops are back. 

The Australian original took a big leap and showed for the first time in NYC. Pieces adorned with clown faces wouldn't be your first choice however the quiet use of it in prints makes it acceptable, if you blinked you would almost miss it; I did, mistaking it for a pastel shaded floral dress. It kind of reminds me of one of those illusion books, look closely and you will find...

10 Crosby Derek Lam
I have followed Derek Lam for a while now and this recent collection is targeted towards the more contemporary consumer. Linens, African inspired prints and a tailored suit with a button up shirt attached, a unique addition to any collection, which surprisingly no one has thought to do before. 

BCBG Max Azria
This collection fed my floral fetish which you all are well aware of. I love the floaty, spring perfect fabrics and textures used, everything looks so effortless to wear. The ideal choice for any sun drenched get away. 

Joanna Mastroianni
So I was watching the shows from Olivia Palermo's live feed the other night and whilst Tom was paying no attention whatsoever, when this girl came on in this dress, his eyes quickly focused on the screen. Completely unsurprisingly. Unfortunately I cant find a photo of the back but its completely and utterly backless and just adds to the amazing-ness of this piece. I wasn't particularly mesmerised by the collection but this dress I most definitely was! I can just imagine a 6 foot something Victoria's Secret model drenched in this dress on the red carpet sometime this coming year. Keep your eyes peeled, I am happy to make bets with any of y'all on its appearance. 

Derek Lam
Lam makes clothes you want to wear. Finding pieces that are actually wearable in shows are becoming a novelty and Lam has always put focus on the opposite. Again minimal but completely breathtaking and transferrable to any cocktail bar...

This collection speaks for itself, to me it just IS spring summer. I discovered this designer earlier this year and have been infatuated ever since. Although these pieces dont scream WEAR ME TO DO THE WEEKLY FOOD SHOP, this is irrelevant as they are just pastel, embellished stunning-ness but to be completely honest if I had the pleasure of owning anything of Delpozo's I might do just that, strutting down the canned goods aisle in picture number 5, being utterly proud of having such a stunning piece (come to think of it this would make for an EXCELLENT editorial shoot, just a suggestion?). Its minimal yet unique. A difficult skill to master. I want it all, all allllllll!! 


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