Monday, 30 September 2013

Forever Florals

Happy Monday!!

Cant believe its been a week since I last posted! I apologise as I got carried away with Birthdays and freshers week oh and obviously work!!! For those wondering - I am unfortunately no longer a fresher however embarrassingly refuse to accept this fact!! So we ventured out on Wednesday to a friends night to relive old times! As much as I loved it it really made me realise how not studenty I am anymore and that attending events with 18 year olds just makes me feel old!! The sad thing is I'm only 22!!!! This shouldnt be the case! It was only 4 years ago I was strutting around in freshers tshirts on a printworks bar crawl for my very first uni week!! Seems like far too long ago but I will stop here before I get all nostalgic!

Top/H&M, Trousers/Topshop similar here, Bag/Zara, Shoes/Zara, Jewellery/Vintage/Marc Jacobs

These pants are my all time favourite trouser which I wore for my 21st birthday weekend in London! They are also my skinny pants - you girls know what I mean. The pair of trousers which you fit in at your skinniest and feel amazing for wearing! Its hard to tell here but trust me - I cannot easily glide in to these as much as I would like to, but luckily the camera doesn't pick that up! That being said they are gorgeous and I love that the floral print is not just your average joe, it literally looks like they have took a photo of an overgrown garden and printed them on to these silk pants. Or maybe thats just me?

What have you guys been up to?! Stay tuned for photos from a blogger meet up I did with Ashleigh from Pretty Girl Rich!! :)


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Becky Temple said...

Lovely outfit x

Living_in_aShoe said...

love your pants! they have such a great print!


Jaynelle Nicole said...

I love you pants! That print is too gorgeous <3

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