Friday, 14 October 2011

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Realising more and more how much I struggle paying attention to this sentence. In the dictionary there is a photo of me next to the word fickle, go look. However it is often described as being inconsistent with relation to loyalties, this I am most definitely not, the opposite in fact. Constantly changing and wanting to find the next big thing IS me however. But its not just me who does this, I know a lot like this and it makes me wonder whether its a generation thing? Can we ever be satisfied with what we have? It scares me to think we can’t, I tell myself we can but the constant search for change cannot be a good thing in most respects and how do we go about, ironically, changing this feature of us, to become content with what we already have? I’m the one who rearranges my room a million and one times, changes hair colour whenever I feel like it, as if its disposable (which when it goes wrong it most certainly is NOT! been in the situation far too many times to know, and is expensive to correct!) changes nail polish every day and needs an entire new wardrobe each week. I know they all seem trivial but even so, why do it? Guess if they’re trivial is it even a huge issue? I think in our society we are increasingly bored with our surroundings or rather we become bored much quicker. On the other hand it’s argued is a need for change even a bad thing? Change can be exciting. Remaining in the same routine, day in day out can leave you feeling bland and uninspired. I think we all need a shake up more than we actually realise or are even willing to do. So sometimes it might go wrong, but a huge part of life is about making mistakes and learning how to bounce back from them. It’s the learning part that’s most important. Maybe the more you look for change the more you learn? Who knows, but I guess if you’re not willing to face change and take a risk how will you know? I’m beginning to realise that recognising when change is necessary is the key thing. Making rash decisions and failing to think of the repercussions can leave you crying unnecessarily over spilt milk, a few more seconds thought  could save a whole lot of clean up.
Embrace change, go on I dare you!

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