Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Where has summer gone?

How is it nearing the end of August already? It seems like yesterday I was writing my last blog post, unfortunately in fact that's not the case at all! Every time I promise myself I will keep up to date with this site something else takes my attention. In my defence this summer has been hectic and thankfully everything I hoped for. Croatia was undoubtedly AND unexpectedly my favourite part. The country is beautiful and it's people are some of the friendliest I have ever come across. I luckily found this out when I left my iPod in a hostel in Hvar (it was the end of the trip, Hideout had taken its toll and about the only thing my brain could process was my name, YES I really was that tired!!) within a week I received a message from them letting me know they had it and would be returning it to me. I don't mean to be a pessimist but this would definitely not have happened had I been in England! So if this post achieves anything then please let it be that you all book flights to Croatia some point soon. More importantly make sure you go to Hula Hula in Hvar. Just be wary of copious jugs of Sex on the Beach,  french twins and people who claim they are on yacht week! A 3am search party and 1 very disorientated Shep later meant that Hula-ing will forever remind me of these three things!!

Parklife, my 21st in London, Ibiza and French escapes have all come close seconds. That being said all this travelling has taken its toll on my bank balance and I'm quickly realising that nothing in this life comes for free but thankfully the past 3 months have so been worth the 100 hour a week job I now need to find!! Know of anything legitimate that pays well for minimum hours then let me know!? That dream job has to be out there somewhere right?

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