Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fashion's Night Out

September 6th 2012. Fashion enthusiasts pen it in to your diaries right.this.minute!! I have been meaning to go to this for a few years but now seems like a better time than any. Career talks, long conversations with the parents and a lot of my friends graduating has got me thinking more and more about what it is I want to eventually do with my life once the surreal world of 'University' is over. I luckily still have a year left but if this last year is anything to go by I may wake up tomorrow and find I have graduated with not a penny of my student loan left and absolutely NO CLUE what to do. I love everything about fashion and I know one way or another I want to pursue a career down its very large path so what better way to start my productive year than with this?

If late night shopping surrounded by your favourite designers and celebrities isn't tempting enough then go to support Vogue's charity of choice, Refuge, and buy the FNO t-shirt which I am absolutely in love with, designed by Jonathan Saunders. 

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