Saturday, 18 August 2012

Music Politics

So this bugs me, a LOT! This idea that if you're not listening to Seth Troxler & Jamie Jones on a Friday night then you haven't lived, let alone be considered as 'socially acceptable'. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, the opposite in fact, I love music. Without it I honestly wonder if I could even get up in the mornings but certain circles seem to promote this 'I know more than you' vibe and maybe my time on the white isle this summer has led me to notice it more. There are those you meet, mentioning no names, that reel off a long list of DJ's then continue to talk your ear off for hours about how much they love deep house/tech house/minimal or a new one 'glitch hop'! I'm sorry but what the heck is that?! I understand there are keeno music lovers out there who know every single track listing from every single set ever played by any DJ...ever!!! And if that is you then brill, I'm not saying its a negative. But so what if that isn't you and you genuinely do just LOVE the music. Whether its tINI, Daniel Bortz, Sven Vath or whoever, you CAN just be there for the atmosphere, the people and the tracks, whatever they may be and you shouldn't feel excluded if you're not 100% 'in the know'.

I think Ibiza over any other place has this atmosphere that you MUST know your music otherwise, 'why are you there?'. How this happens I don't know, considering you can see Tulisa at Eden one minute then 30 minutes later be two stepping to Miguel Campbell at DC10, (I'm definitely not promoting Tulisa there, she's not my fav but she is some peoples!). Maybe its the mix of music on the island that makes everyone so opinionated in their views? Who knows. What I do know though is that, it's okay, if you thought Maceo Plex was something straight out of Transformers (again, mentioning no names) or if Warehouse Project tickles your fancy because the whole of your Facebook feed is taken over with people posting about it. If you're there for the music, why does it matter? So you know the difference between deep house and tech? Congratulations, you can two step your way to Miami's Beachplex with that one.

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JoshRicha said...

Well said Holly. I hate anyone who is musically pretentious - or just pretentious altogether!! Background, gender, social status and money should have no influence on music.

There is however some awful music in the charts these days. The way I look at it. Who will we remember in 20-years? Will it be Rihanna? Unlikley

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