Monday, 6 February 2012

Super Sweet Sweetheart

DSC01161409182_10150649800890719_512685718_11214476_1494276480_n (1)DSC01181
If each week keeps ending as quick as they are at the minute I am going to need to find myself Bernard’s Watch and do some serious stoppage of time. Sigma Chi’s Sweetheart was this weekend and it of course was no less fun than anticipated. Not sure if it was the wine or just my over emotional self but the speeches, photos and Andrea winning Sweetheart had me welling up. The fact I could barely relate to anything being said by everyone suggests it was most likely the wine, but none the less it was such a nice night and it will not be forgotten any time soon. Not to mention the party bus there and back, I am easily entertained but people need to use these more back home. Driving round Van for a few hours with those close to you listening to God knows what (I know the odd country song was in there at some point-mentioning no names!! *Adrian*) is more fun than you would think. Seriously.
Congratulations to Andrea for winning Sigma Chi Sweetheart, we shall be doing a lot of celebrating in Vegas girl! You deserve it :)

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