Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day <3

Happy Valentines Day everyone…Because as much as I think having one day in the whole year to show your affections is just ridiculous, the 14th day of February seems to just send everyone in a crazy love heart shaped spin. Canadians take Valentines to a whole new level, it’s everywhere you look. Decorating love heart cookies in my halls yesterday was just ‘too cute’ but it came with a sad message that Valentines Day holds one of the highest suicide rates of any other time in the year…this shocked and devastated me. Valentines should be a day of LOVE – whether its for your boyfriend, mum, friend or even yourself. So if you have a Valentines, even if you don’t…make YOU your Valentines, give yourself some chocolates or flowers, like we need an excuse anyways?

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