Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Wee Day for the Irish

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Being blessed with such a fantastic Irish friend (Seb haaaa) it was only right that we celebrated Paddys day in style. An entire weekend dedicated to drinking and general rowdiness could not have been a better way to celebrate a day for the Irish. Did we do you proud Becks?
A beer pong tournament at the Sigma Chi house, played by team Re Rack City couldn’t have gone better…We WON of course……and by won I obviously mean lost, but that's irrelevant and simply down to the fact we were playing against the devil. Right Chels? To drown our sorrows we spent the rest of the day ensuring we had a Growers in one hand and whatever spirit we could find in the other. We aren’t alcoholics, I swear.
Sunday wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the Roxy involving one (or two) too many Roxy shots, country music and the best people. Followed by brunch at Biminis with a carrot and a rabbit in tow. We are all just so normal?! (speak for myself). I know I have an entire post dedicated to just this – but the food in Van is just too good to leave. Bimini’s chicken waffle sandwich may have just topped the Nutella French Toast. I encourage you all to hop across the pond just for the food here, its so so worth it.
I think its safe to say that this weekend was one of my favourite weekends in Van, even if it is soon to be my last :(. The weeks are going by far too fast but it just makes me appreciate the time I have here so much more. Who knows what tomorrow will have in store?

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