Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vegas…Where do I begin?

DSC01343DSC01424 DSC01403 DSC01453405779_10151332227540508_643755507_23297150_1861133406_n large (2)DSC01560As the title says – where do I really begin? No blog post will do this trip justice. A spring break trip to Vegas involving 15 of the greatest people I have met here just could not have been better…in any way. Vegas itself is just, I actually don’t know how to put it; nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like you have ever seen before. My only way to explain it is that it has no correlation with real life, at all. Which is why you all need to visit for those who haven’t. The laws in Nevada make it basically okay to do absolutely anything you want! There are no rules.  Drink in the streets,shops and restaurants, gamble your entire life savings away in an afternoon, get married in front of a bunch of strangers, get limos to In n Out for a casual lunch time snack, walk around all day carrying a midget doll & get no odd looks (well, maybe a couple), fall asleep on the food court floor, fill your bathtub with alcohol. I could go on, but some things that happen in Vegas need to stay just that, in Vegas. (only joking mum-it was very PG)
The 4 days and 3 nights spent in Vegas involved a lot of sightseeing, 2 trips to the New York New York ride (including a FANASTICALLY hilarious photo), seeing Dirty South play at Tao, a lot of McChicken bites, a lot of limos, and we managed to see Paris, Venice, New York and Rome in under 2 hours. Like I said, its just not real life.
This trip has most definitely been one of the biggest highlights of my entire year and I was so lucky to have shared it with the people I did – so for those of you – you know who you are – THANKYOUUUU! I am still determined to make it a yearly trip to reunite us until we are 80. I know Ryan, Judi and Becks are most definitely with me on this one! However the 4 day recovery period since returning has not been so pleasant, but worth it all the same. I didn’t expect to love the place as much as I did, probably best taken in small doses however I am returning ASAP for pool season, could a return trip top this one? I will have fun trying.

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