Friday, 30 August 2013

Take My Picture - Garage Magazine

G'morning guys! Hope you are all well! 

Found this little gem of a video and decided it couldnt be more relevant and come at a better time than as I'm growing this blog. It explores the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style photography and really had me questioning 'how do we stand out?' a question which recently I have been frustratedly pondering over regarding blogger growth. The online world vs real life with regard to individuality is poles apart, the web is saturated with endless sites and virtual 'celebrities', who've built a fan base by networking and being in the right photo, at the right time. The online world makes those engaged in it much more aware of how tiny they really are, when in real life this realisation can often be missed as your circles and networks often have you feeling like a big fish in a little pond, maybe I'm speaking for myself here!?
Back when the benefits of online blogging were unknown to most of us folk, those one step ahead of us were able to stand out and illustrate their own style with a recognisable ease, compared to today. The struggle today is the saturation, blogging is now accessible to all, its immediacy has everyone wanting and able to participate whether they necessarily want to or not. I think in order to be successful in this virtual realm there needs to be a certain level of ignorance, when I search and take hints from other blogs, its the ones which consider themselves a key piece of the puzzle or simply ignore the power of those around them which succeed. I'm in no way suggesting that this is the wrong way to go, evidently its the only way.
As the short film asks, 'Has fashion bred its own version of reality tv stars?'...

I'll leave this discussion up to you! Leave your comments and opinions below! After all - the beauty of blogging is that its so democratic, right?

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