Saturday, 31 August 2013

Home Sweet Home to Francais


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Afternoon lovelies!

For those who don't know, my home was recently relocated to France as my parents selfishly up and abandoned me two years ago for sunnier climates! (If you're reading this parents I hope you can sense my sarcasm!) as I absolutely love being able to get away from the rainy days in Manchester with a relaxing break in the south west of France. I call this place my rehab, if I ever need a detox I will be sure to book myself a flight home and make the most of the sun, food and undeniable tranquility. Where we live is most definitely not inner city Manchester, but I like it that way :). That being said whenever I come back we always make a point of visiting a place we've never been and it helps the return home feel more like a holiday, killing two birds with one stone!!

This town we visited, Rochefoucauld, was gorgeous and had the added bonus of a 'Chocolaterie Artisanale' - mini chocolate factory to us UK folk, which we took full advantage of! 

Another reason I love coming home is rekindling love affairs with clothes I had completely forgot about. As much as I tend to live by the 'wear once' rule, I think its so important to reinvent your outfits and you don't even need to change that much!
Having a textile obsessed Mother means that I often find myself making up clothes with bits and pieces I can find in the office, this skirt is an example, I used a Liberty print and its incredibly simple to make, and the fabric is perfect for hot summer weather. The top is Sandro and the jacket is definitely a revival piece - a Juicy denim jacket which I found in one of my drawers upon return! I told you all, I am trying my hardest to incorporate denim into my wardrobe!!! Hopefully you will agree!! 
The tatt which I recently got after a long two years of deliberating is to remind me of my new home but more importantly the saying couldn't be more precious to me - 'joie de vivre', to always have a joy for life, and pretty much anything else that you do!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, whatever you're doing!!

Love xo

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