Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Weekly Favourites

My Weekly Favourites, Saint Laurent, Smythson, Boyfriend Jeans, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Gold Rings, One Piece,

Pretty sure a day does not go by that I don't find something I desperately need and want in my life! Dramatic moment over - there are always things I see and love and whether I know I dont necessarily 'NEED' them in my life, I love to collect all my favourite finds together in case that day comes when I think 'Oh yeah I can totally afford a £2000 pair of Saint Laurent leather trousers'. Oh how I do wish that day will be sometime in the near future. Fingers and toes are firmly crossed. 

I am obsessed with list making so the Smythson notebook is a must, the tag lines on the covers of these are always adorable and I think my fascination and love for stationary has been heightened purely for the fact I no longer really need it (Sob no more uni, sob). 
Midi rings, thumb rings, pinky rings, they are everywhere nowadays but their popularity does not take away from how efficient they are at completing an outfit - and I am not even a huge jewellery fan! 
I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans - as mentioned in a previous post (here) I made it clear that jeans aren't my strong point but that being said I did find an amazing pair in Topshop sale, however 2 days before pay day made purchasing the beauties that much more troublesome and had my leaving the store dragging my sad little feet hoping they will be there come pay day! 
Tom Ford contour cream, now for those who aren't aware of this please go try immediately, a friend introduced me to it and it is simply magical, does its job perfectly and has the ability to make the most non existent cheek bones so prominent Kate Moss will be out of a job! The price point is fairly high but it lasts forever as you only need a tiny bit so this really is an investment worth making. 
The Saint Laurent leathers speak for themselves! To Die For!!! and leopard is becoming ever more prominent in my wardrobe at the moment so it seemed only right to include this leopard clutch from Jerome Dreyfuss. Unfortunately I was on the hunt for the most perfect of Joseph bags which a friend recently bought but for some reason the web has gobbled it up, not on the website, not even eBay. I searched high and low so this replacement clutch was the next best thing!
Mona Mara - the necklace is from a brand which I have recently developed a love for after getting a bracelet from this designer as my graduation gift, but her incredibleness requires her own post which you shall be seeing soon, so I shall leave it at that :)

Hope you enjoyed my weekly favourites, albeit fairly random - no doubt next week will be even more so...

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