Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Must Be Miss Guided

I spotted these from the most recent Miss Guided shoot done in Ibiza not so long ago and all I keep asking myself is when will this party ring swimsuit be available??! Along with the strawberry, fizzy blue and pink cola bottles and dolly mixture swimsuits. Swimsuits covered in party favours and sweet like things couldn't be more me so I am regularly checking the website to see when they will arrive (in between revision of course!!)
These photos also reminded me of how I lost my miss guided virginity a few weeks back and I was surprisingly impressed. As its hard to tell online the quality of the fabrics and with the prices being so reasonable I was questioning whether my order would be immediately returned. How wrong I could be! The basic tees and simple dresses most definitely won me over and even the tassel lace top which is going straight in my sonar suitcase was a winner!! 


Lucy Greenwell said...

I love the new Miss Guided television add, the new summer collections look awesome! I really want to get my hands on some of their bodysuits and bikini's too! The brighter, more colourful - the better. Great post :)

If you have a spare minute, I've recently uploaded my first OOTD on Youtube, the link is on my latest post. I'd love it if you could take a look, maybe give me feedback and/or like & subscribe! Lucy xx


farrah said...

They're on sale now! Finally! In love with the Cola bottle swimsuit

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