Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Long Overdue

Sorry that it has taken me so long to update this, but it has been the busiest week, so please forgive me! :) It will be worth it for everything I will fill you in on….
The weather has been INCREDIBLE ever since I got here, and I am pretty sure it isn’t going to last much longer so I need to make the most of it. Last week I enjoyed my first ever Pit night, and don’t let the name fool you (as glamorous as it sounds) – it was no less than hilariousssss, even after having to wait 2 hours to get in due to the ridiculous que. Luckily we were kept entertained by an outdoor terrace with plenty of alcohol and eventually made it downstairs.. It’s pretty impressive for a uni club, despite throwing a strop the first time I was there saying people act like they’ve never heard music before ha…Still thought Canadians got a bit too giddy at the sound of Avicii or Guetta but was fun all the same :)..
I had my first basketball game on Thursday. People went seriously all out for this, blue blue blue everywhere and the chant that always reminds me of Bring It On ‘’Lets go defence!!!’’ did not stop. Cheerleaders were in attendance but I have decided against joining the team as although they’re outfits were no less than amazing, I’m not sure I have enough ‘pep’ and cheeriness to do it justice. Maybe next term when the Canadian mentality has rubbed off on me a little more. All I need next is to find myself a quarterback boyfriend pahaha.
Thursday, Becky and I went with a few of the other sorority girls to a party downtown hosted by one of the frats. The ‘party bus’ there wasn’t as cliché as it sounds, an all ‘Canadian’ school bus turned into a strobe lit, alcohol induced party was way more fun than you would originally think. We went to the club Caprice on Granville and after being there an hour our night had suddenly become like a scene from White Chicks. A dance off between the sororities was pretty cringe but no less entertaining (videos will be posted on Facebook asap, following on from Becky’s drunken Megabite incident…& sorry mum & pops, maybe I will show you these at a later date-if you’re lucky ha).
Friday – there was a welcome back BBQ and although everything I seem to talk about on here seems so twee and childish, it really is surprising us. It was a pretty big festival involving plenty of DJ’s, (Humans being one who were pretty cool, although one dressed with what looked like a tea towel on his head-whatever the music was good!!) hundreds of students, plenty of beer (this seems to be all everyone drinks here) and tons of hot guys. Apologies for being so blunt (family) but Canadian guys know how to look after themselves, that’s all I am saying!! Friends – COME AND VISIT!!!!
So the past week has been nothing but fun and although classes have started, I have Fridays off so long weekends to travel the US and Canada will be occurring on a regular basis. I lost my camera – to which I am still baffled as to how it happened but as you can see I replaced it quick enough and the mourning period is over. Think I lasted about a day without it and those who know me realise that is a pretty long time…. I did try but there are a trillion and one moments here I NEED to capture.
Pit tonight again, then attempting the Grouse Grind this weekend which is a 3000 feet hike but the view at the top is nothing short of jaw dropping and I am desperate to see it. If you don’t hear from me after this for a while the hike either killed me off or I am nursing a pair of very dead legs. Becky and I aim to have Gisele’s bum in no time…


mummabrooke said...

Wonderful blog entry- soooo enjoyed catching up on all the latest 'activities' !...really enjoyed reading it and feel like I was almost there !! ....lordy, lordy I hear you cry ..thank goodness you were not witness to the antics of the week lol
You go gals ...up that mountain - flex those thighs MXXX

Diana said...

Ahh you have a blog! Love it!!! xxxxx :)

Hannah said...

This sounds amazing! You have no idea how jealous I am Holly!!

Glad you're having a great time xxx

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