Friday, 30 September 2011

..Just about recovered

So after my short and to the point last post about the wonderful mountain that is Grouse, I woke up the following day being shocked at the lack of pain I felt. I was expecting my legs to be in agony but for some unknown reason it felt as if the previous day I had just stayed in bed all day long. None the less, I am so proud, shocked,amazed, relieved and happy that I did the grouse grind, as painful as it was the view was completely worth it and I definitely want to return if not just for the Beaver Tail (Delicious cinnamon churro/pastry thing) but to be able to look down on a city that is fast becoming my favourite city in the world and be reminded of how small we all really are. As ridiculous as it sounds it was humbling, to be reminded that the world is such a huge place, so big I don’t think I will ever comprehend it. It made me appreciate my time here so much more. In order to make the most of any opportunity you must throw yourself into everything and do things that at first seem out of your comfort zone, believe me, it will be worth it.
Last night me and the girls went to see Kings of Leon perform at Rogers arena. I hummmed along to the majority of their songs (I was sure I knew far more than I actually did) but they were still incredible. Sounded exactly the same if not better than their recordings. They were just so freaking cool, and as much as I was devastated to find out the lead singer is married to a Victoria Secret model (I don’t think I have enough time to take on my plan of changing his mind and making him leave her for me, yep, JUST the lack of time that stops this from happening, that’s all!!) the fact his brother Jared is equally as gorgeous made me forget all about the other one hahaha!
The weekend is coming and that means one thing, time to get absolutely soaked (most likely as the weather forecast is not looking positive) sat in a boat with 7 other people attempting to win a race. How un-Holly does this sound?! I know I’m encouraging everyone to do stuff out of their comfort zone but a race in a canoe, with the possibility of torrential rain is definitely not me and I am pretty sure I said yes to this because I was not completely sober at the time. I am still hoping for a freak accident that puts a stop to the whole thing. Oh and another thing, one of our genius team members decided to call ourselves the ‘Incredible Dolphins’. I think this Saturday I am going back to pre-school for 24 hours and pretending I am 5 again. What happened to ‘a year abroad will make you grow up so fast’. No mum, if anything, the opposite!
On a lighter note, I am becoming obsessed with pancakes, especially the banana and chocolate variety. Canadians may not really appreciate the true value of Haribo (ONE flavour does not count, especially when its cola bottles-WHERE ARE THE TANGFASTICS???) but they most definitely know how to make breakfast a sweet affair, eggs and pancakes, why did us english folk never think of putting these two together?
Thanksgiving is next weekend here so a few of us are contemplating a trip to Seattle as I need to visit Elena asap and save her from the 10 frat guys she has chose to live with (genius or mad idea I am still yet to decide) as well as stuff my face with whatever you are meant to on Thanksgiving?! Any clues as I feel that yorkshire puddings won’t be on the menu and I am missing them far too much!!

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