Saturday, 3 November 2012

Speedy Revival

So I was excited to see that the new IT bag of the season is soon to be the Speedy Bandouliere. My 16th birthday present was in fact the original Speedy30 however after an expensive summer and a bank balance well below 0 I deliberated for a long long time as to whether I should sell it. SO happy now that I managed to cut back in other ways so that I can enjoy this speedy revival myself without forking out the £700 for the 'new' design (basically the original + strap). That being said I still cannot get my head around the sudden surge in LV price tags recently, compared to 4 or 5 years ago. 

More importantly although I may not have to part ways with £700, the strap alone will set me back £155!!?? A little excessive for a simple leather strap surely?
Not convinced of LV's marketing methods yet, claiming the new Speedy Bandouliere is nothing like its previous counterpart and the strap that comes with this is miles ahead of those you can buy individually? Nice try but a leather strap from the market would surely do the same job? 

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