Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist, First Of Many

Christmas Wishlist One

With Christmas looming it's hard not to ponder over what it is you exactly want. Before my mum asked me what I wanted I spent hours racking my brains as to what exactly, if anything, I wanted. When you're forced to think of what you want it always seems so hard to come up with things and in a way I like it because it makes me realise how lucky I am and how wanting things is so different to 'needing' things. I don't need anything! Nor do any of you reading this, most likely! Christmas to me is family time and being with the ones you love! The gifts are nice extras and don't get me wrong compiling lists like the above are fun, but it's not what Christmas is for. That being said - those of you reading this who are convinced you just NEED those Kurt Geiger strike boots or to die for gold rings - then here's some inspiration! 

Happy Thursday. & Happy shopping!!!!

Boots-Kurt Geiger Strike
Rings - Thomas Sabo
Book - Vogue On Coco Chanel
Bag - Zara 
Phone Case - Rianna Phillips 

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