Friday, 15 March 2013

Anything But Standard

Living in the city has so many positives but a downfall has got to be the shops on your doorstep. Arguably an amazing benefit but not to my bank balance. Seen as Fridays are my day off university and everyone else has managed to busy themselves I once again found myself wandering aimlessly round Selfridges to find these beauties. Even more amazingly they were half off so really, how could I say no?? They are pretty much identical to the Acne boots at half the price so seen as they didnt have them in store my only option was to order them in, pay for them and convince myself that I most likely WILL return them once I try them on. Probability of this happening is about as low as Manchester never having a day of rain again. I think NOT. I like to consider them a staple investment, hopefully you all will agree. #happyfriday

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