Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Long Awaited Angels...

This annual event may just be more anticipated than my birthday and maybe even Christmas. Those who know me are fully aware of my Victorias Secret obsession, so when I lived in Vancouver last year the opportunity to watch the Victorias Secret Fashion Show online in 'real time' and by real time I mean along with the rest of the North American population was AMAZING. With a lot of things however - Gossip Girl being one, the delay in the UK receiving all things American really really upsets me, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that the UK will be broadcasting the show actually ON television and we dont have to sit huddled round a laptop streaming it. 
My huge pink glitter filled balloon was quickly burst when I realised it wouldn't be broadcast tonight along with my Canadian and American friends and there is no guarantee yet of when the exact date will be (most likely July next year-by this point I will have already streamed it aprox 235632 times!) but the thought was there and when it is eventually on you can guarantee I will be eagerly awaiting with popcorn in hand. 

For the entire male population and those as hooked as me, get excited with this trailer. 

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