Monday, 7 November 2011

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

So I am sat here after a few busy weeks, finally having some time to just stop, and think. Reflect on everything I have achieved not only since I have been here but ever! I am discovering more and more that finding the time alone to do just this is becoming few and far between but I am equally realising that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Before I moved to Vancouver, I guess I hadn’t really ‘travelled’ and by this I mean taking the big step to go find what’s out there in this world alone,  I’m not including family holidays, they don’t count, as lucky as I am to have visited some places many people haven’t New York, tiny islands in the Indian Ocean and the unforgettable island of Ibiza amongst others, we all know this is a tiny speck on the map and the true meaning of travel is fully immersing yourself in the cultures of as many different places as possible, and the majority of the time ‘roughing it’. Well this is what I aim to do anyway. I knew that moving here would give me the travel bug, I was struggling to find it, I needed the push and it most definitely couldn’t have inspired me more to just get out there and go see it all. The most exciting thing about this is that my travels haven’t even really begun, this year will easily be one of my best years yet, and the memories I have made already are enough to satisfy me before I return but the knowingness that there is so much more to squeeze into this year is even better, let alone my life. The main reason I am writing this is to encourage those reading it, who don’t yet have the travel bug to search long and hard for something that will give them it. It’s worth the hunt, trust me. Planning your trip is nearly as fun as the journey itself and I can’t stress enough how much you learn about yourself whilst doing so. Don’t get comfortable, don’t think that you have everything you need right where you are, that may even be the case but step out your comfort zone, chances are you’ll realise you were just ‘settling’. There is always more out there and taking the first step is sometimes the hardest part but it will never not pay off. Even chose somewhere that doesn’t initially seem your thing, chances are it will become your favourite thing. Travel opens your eyes to an infinite number of things and I really believe if you don’t experience it you’re missing out on discovering a whole chunk of yourself! It’s taken me a while to learn, but the excitement of waking up each day not knowing what your day will entail really is just that, exciting. Not daunting or scary and should most certainly not deter you. The second you become comfortable, change your scenery; take a trip, visit somewhere new, even revisit somewhere that gave you the best memories. Travel has already become one of my favourite things in the space of just 2 months. Make it yours if its the only thing you do this year. Leave your mark. <3

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