Monday, 22 August 2011

4 sleep countdown to the start of my new adventure...

I've got to admit I never thought this day would come, seems like yesterday I was sat staring at the UCAS webpage waiting to see whether I had been accepted to study International Management & American Business Studies at Manchester University. 2 years on and my bags are packed, hotel booked, tickets printed. In 4 sleeps I will most probably be in floods of tears whilst I board the 8 hour flight to Vancouver, crapping myself (excuse my francais) at the prospect of living in a new country for a year, knowing no one and most importantly, the uncertainty of when I will next have access to my BBM.

I apologise in advance for the quality of this blog. Dont expect Shakespeare. A simple collection of photos (probably more these than anything else being the snap happy self that I am) and a few details of my travels will do for you all I'm sure. Putting all my fascinating stories on here seemed far more logical than repeating the same story ten times over! Please all comment, let me know what you all think/tell me to shut up if I am generally boring you to death (however I'm pretty sure I will be getting up to more fun things than the rest of you hahaha)

So I shall leave it at that for now and will update it asap once I have landed in Van. For those of you who ARE sending me off at the airport, bring some tears please, make me feel special, you know how I like that and most importantly wish me luck, because the way I am feeling right now, I most definitely need it. Fingers crossed the next time you hear from me it will be with red cup in hand, easing the pain of being away from you all.

Bon Voyage to moiiii & buckets of love


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mummabrooke said...

Be sure to check your bags Hols before passing through may find Mumma in your bags.....along for the duration!! there's a scary thought xx

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