Wednesday, 10 September 2014

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Hi all,

Hope you are all well. Not sure if there any lovely people out there who follow this still, but just a reminder to go and follow my NEW blog all the way over >> here

I promise you it will take only a couple minutes and you can stay up to date with all things style!! PLUS I just did a super interesting post on Viviscal! Definitely one for all those wanting long lovely locks!!

See you there! :)

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Tumblr Bound - Follow Me


I have been awol for far too long so in order to celebrate I have relocated to Tumblr!!! I cant believe i have only just appreciated how truly amazing it is over there so from now on my daily posts will be tumblr bound!!! 
I am in the long and winding process of moving everything from here over to Tumblr so please bear with me as I try make it a smooth as poss!!! 

Hope you all love! & dont forget to follow me on Bloglovin!!!


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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jumpers Aren't Just for Christmas

Evening lovelies!!!

Its one sleep until the Friday feeling can well and truly be appreciated! Hope you all have some exciting things planned!! Sorry for the delay but this outfit was from last Friday when our friend had a surprise party for his girlfriend!! My first and definitely not my last surprise party, cant believe I hadnt been to one until now seen as I absolutely love love love surprises!! Who doesnt? 
My obsession with jumpers isnt a day only affair, I love jumpers to transition into night as they can tone down the dressiness of any outfit, especially in this chilly winter weather, strutting out in a teeny tiny dress is not comfortable for anyone!!! So I paired this jumper with a shiny pastel Topshop skirt which I grabbed in the sales last Christmas not anticipating it would be considered on trend this Autumn Winter also! Buying an item which follows through into another season is always a celebratory moment for me as I HATE wasting clothes, I am slowly learning my lesson and investing in pieces which will follow through season after season after season!!! Unfortunately that often means better quality which = more expensive, so the frequency of my purchases are reducing!!! But all for the right reasons I guess? That being said - this jumper was an incredible find, 20% angora and only 19.99 from H&M!!!! Investment piece that doesnt break the bank! Another celebratory worthy moment!! Woohooo!! For those as jumper obsessed as me then definitely head over to H&M I was really impressed with their selection!

Whats your favourite transitional piece into Winter?

Jumper/HM, Skirt/Topshop, Shoes/Zara, Bag/Vintage LV, Necklace/HM


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Monday, 18 November 2013

Green With Envy

Green With Envy

Evening lovelies!! 

Hope your Monday wasn't too painful! To say I hopped straight into bed as soon as I got home from work says everything about my day, not to mention I didnt get home until 9.30!!! Anywho - this post is green with envy as I have recently developed an obsession with all things emerald. I spied this coat in work, and although we have a similar one in a shade of black, this Topshop green version is much more wallet friendly and the oversized boyfriend style makes it so easy to throw on with any outfit, day or night. This boyfriend obsession seems to be everywhere, whether its a pink equivalent of the above or even jeans styled straight out of your fellas wardrobe, its effortlessly easy chic, especially loved by me as I love to find pieces which are transitional from day to night by making only a few changes. Throwing a pair of heels on and swapping the ripped denim for a leather skirt would make this outfit totally wearable for Friday night cocktail hour. 
I have had my eye on these boots for a while now and the camel striped tee is a reminder of how I MUST get some more pieces similar to this in my wardrobe. Stripes have the ability to spruce up an outfit even if just paired with skinny jeans and boots like the above - not quite sure how they manage to do so but theyre a staple item which you can never have enough of!
With the addition of my new Chanel Boy, it was hard to ignore the incredibleness of the one above!!! Pretty sure I haven't taken mine off since I got it!!!! So now there are two special Boys in my life and I think Tom's surprisingly happy to share me, not that there would be another option anyways!

Coat - Topshop
Jeans - Mango
Top - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Rings - Pandora
Bag - Chanel 

Night night xo


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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist, First Of Many

Christmas Wishlist One

With Christmas looming it's hard not to ponder over what it is you exactly want. Before my mum asked me what I wanted I spent hours racking my brains as to what exactly, if anything, I wanted. When you're forced to think of what you want it always seems so hard to come up with things and in a way I like it because it makes me realise how lucky I am and how wanting things is so different to 'needing' things. I don't need anything! Nor do any of you reading this, most likely! Christmas to me is family time and being with the ones you love! The gifts are nice extras and don't get me wrong compiling lists like the above are fun, but it's not what Christmas is for. That being said - those of you reading this who are convinced you just NEED those Kurt Geiger strike boots or to die for gold rings - then here's some inspiration! 

Happy Thursday. & Happy shopping!!!!

Boots-Kurt Geiger Strike
Rings - Thomas Sabo
Book - Vogue On Coco Chanel
Bag - Zara 
Phone Case - Rianna Phillips 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

WE’RE SOULMATES - They All Hate UsHome
WINDOW SPACE - Lisa Olsson

pink loveliness
love this!
I LOVE interiors, I am always Pinteresting and searching for inspiring ways to dress up my home. My recent obsession is with candles, I cant seem to get enough of decorating the flat in smelly vanilla treats. Heaven forbid what the flat is going to be like soon enough with Christmas just round the corner, I am already counting down the minutes until a Christmas tree arrives but thats another story! If theres florals, bright prints or OTT chandeliers I am happy!!! I love our apartment but I love to spruce it up and spring clean from time to time, I'm fairly fickle at the best of times so I like change. Giving your apartment a burst of freshness can be done easily, you don't need to blow the budget, fit an entirely new kitchen or refurnish the whole place. Little things like new books for the coffee table or candles or decorative trinkets can do wonders. I recently made a photograph wall from a canvas, fabric and heaps of photos. Its really simple to make and can lift a room whilst adding a personal touch!!

Talking of personal - check out Etsy for individually designed interior gifts, perfect for Christmas and made lovingly by my parents! :)

Hope you're all having an amazing week!!


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